Progressives Can Go to Hell. I’m Joe Biden and I Approve This Message.

Corporate Democrats Once Again Stab Progressives in the Back.

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is that time again in the election season where the Democratic National Committee, a shell company of corporate America, will show their contempt for progressives through co-option of republican principles, public humiliation, and deception. The Democratic Party is once again showing American citizens that they would rather lose with a corporate centrist, than win with a progressive candidate.

The hatred by corporate Democrats towards progressives is on full display. Prior to the convention, attempts to include language supporting Medicare For All in the party’s platform were rejected by the Platform Committee- even though a recent Hill-HarrisX poll finds 87% of Democrats said they wanted a Medicare for All program.

The selection of Senator Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate was a poke in the eye to progressives. In a year in which the nation is being forced to reckon with its long history of racial discrimination and violence in the criminal justice system, the party elders decided it was wise to select a former prosecutor and Attorney General who made her name by being harsh on minority defendants. She has also voted recently to not cut Defense Department funding by 10% and has flip-flopped positions regarding support for Medicare For All. Wall Street has welcomed her nomination.

The disdain that Biden and company have for progressives can be seen in deciding you gets to speak-or not to speak- at the convention. To appeal to disaffected Republicans, the DNC decided to give a prime time, opening day slot to former Ohio Governor John Kasich, who used his time to reassure right-leaning voters that the progressive wing of the Democratic party only represents a small section of the party, and that Biden, a man of faith, “won’t take a sharp left turn and leave them behind.”

Party conventions are often used to give new, promising, rising stars within the party a national voice. The DNC leadership has decided to give keynote speaking opportunities to centrist election winners such as Representatives Colin Allred of Texas and Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania. However, no time has been given to progressive election winners Jamall Bowman, Marie Newman, and Cori Bush. This group should start getting used to such treatment, as the Democratic Party inner circle has decided to allot a whopping one minute of time to all ready established star Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez.

The Biden team has just released a new campaign ad where the late Senator John McCain is shown to have had an “unlikely friendship” with Joe Biden. To reinforce the special bond the two war mongers had for each other, his widowed wife Cindy McCain was given time to highlight their relationship.

Progressives need to realize in larger numbers that the Democratic Party is not their home. The war on progressives by the Democratic Party power brokers started with the removal of Henry Wallace as FDR’s vice president in 1944, moved on to the DNC sabotage of McGovern in 1972, and continues to the internal coups which prevented Bernie Sanders from representing the supposed party of the “working man” in 2016 and 2020.

A recent Wall Street/NBC News poll showed that 58% of registered Democrats who support Joe Biden in the 2020 election say their vote is more in opposition to Trump than support for Biden.

Maybe if the Biden/Harris ticket embraced popular progressive ideas like Medicare For All, more people would have a reason to vote “for” Democrats.

Retired social science teacher and avid reader. Trying to find a place for justice and compassion in society. Twitter: @GHoffarth

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