“Money is the worst currency that ever grew among mankind.” - Sophocles

Many people still believe that noble, moral principles guide the decisions of the people in leadership positions in their society. It can be disheartening to discover that is not the case. Daily, citizens are subjected to a barrage of examples where their leaders make decisions based on simple greed. The desire to accumulate more money and resources is the prime motivation for most people-especially those in positions of leadership. Below are some recent examples that highlight this dishonorable condition that plagues humanity.

A recent intelligence report explicitly implicated…

The cold weather in Texas is matched by the cold indifference of Texas Republican elected officials.

The devastation left behind from Winter Storm Uri (yes- in the age of climate change we now name destructive winter storms too) has once again exposed the callousness and inhumanity of Texas Republicans. Texans are proud of saying “everything is bigger” in Texas and so Republican officials showed the country that no one outdoes Texas when it comes to stupid. …

The new President’s words and actions are making it clear that he is no fan of socialism.

photo courtesy of falanx.com

President Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, stated the day before Biden’s inauguration, that the new administration will continue to recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the Venezuelan president- keeping in place a policy started by the Trump Administration. Guaido has been attempting to run a parallel government alongside that of President Maduro. …

With only two days before he takes office, Biden is already disappointing supporters and citizens alike.

photo courtesy of thedenverchannel.com

With the inauguration right around the corner, President Elect Biden is already proving that his administration will be a huge disappointment for Americans looking for effective leadership in difficult times.

In a Thursday, January 14th speech where he unveiled his Covid Relief Bill, the “disappointment — in — waiting” stated:

“I look forward to working with members of Congress from both parties to move quickly to get the American Rescue Plan to the American people,” Biden said. …

Secretary of State Pompeo, a “Law and Order” supporter, publicly endorses property theft.

In a July 15th press conference Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in an attempt to project to the world the noble intentions of American foreign policy, stated:

“There’s nothing more fundamental to who we are than our irreverence for unalienable rights. The basic God-given rights that every human being possesses. Whether defending the American people from threats, supporting international religious freedom, or encouraging countries to secure property rights by upholding the rule of law, America defends rights and does good in the world.”

Those who have studied…

In the era of Trump, and with the election just a few days away, the question on everybody’s mind.

Political and social conditions over the past few years have produced a number of articles, books, and Youtube videos about fascism. Most authors focus on the questions of “is fascism under the surface and ready to explode out into the open” or “has it already arrived?” Before one can support either assertion, an examination of the traits and features of fascism must be conducted first. …

This election season, Republicans across the country are using every trick possible to suppress votes.

Just like how the fabled Grinch snuck into homes to steal presents from sleeping children, Republicans today are finding clever ways to sneak into the election process and take away the gift of voting. Voters across the country are being exposed to a barrage of new voting suppression methods designed to reduce votes cast by democratic voters. These attempts stem from the fact that Republican strategists are realizing that they may lose big in the upcoming election. States such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona, which…

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, a Republican, in an attempt to become the new face of “Florida Man” launches crazy attempt to prevent felons from voting.

By now most of the nation is familiar with the “Florida Man” meme. The meme highlights strange and unusual behavior by Florida residents (man or woman) whose actions create entertaining but head scratching articles and videos on social media sites such as Youtube. Florida republicans are trying to lay claim to the “Florida Man” meme by continuing to find bizarre ways to suppress Democratic party votes. Florida’s Republican Attorney General, Ashley Moody, has sent…

President Trump takes a cue from President Reagan on how to appeal to scared, white voters during an election.

This past Saturday, President Trump announced his plan to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday. Kenosha is the site where earlier this past week a seventeen year old white teenager named Kyle Rittenhouse is accused of shooting dead two protestors and injuring a third with an AR-15 rifle. The Tuesday night protest that Kyle Rittenhouse attended was in response to the Saturday, August 23rd shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot seven times in the back as he attempted…

Corporate Democrats Once Again Stab Progressives in the Back.

photo courtesy of dispatch.com

It is that time again in the election season where the Democratic National Committee, a shell company of corporate America, will show their contempt for progressives through co-option of republican principles, public humiliation, and deception. The Democratic Party is once again showing American citizens that they would rather lose with a corporate centrist, than win with a progressive candidate.

The hatred by corporate Democrats towards progressives is on full display. Prior to the convention, attempts to include language supporting Medicare For All in the party’s platform were rejected by the Platform…

Glenn Hoffarth

Retired social science teacher and avid reader. Trying to find a place for justice and compassion in society. Twitter: @GHoffarth

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